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Demo Reels/Editing/Taping/Coaching

$45/hr  (see below)

About reels, footage, formats and conventions

Our reels are concise & straight-to-business to grab and hold the attention of casting. Scenes are tightly edited to focus on you, with dovetailed & optimized audio for a polished presentation (see case-studies below). Repair, enhancement, adapting raw footage and internet capture are available. Content, pacing, encoding & delivery are always current & evolving to casting needs.

*Footage should be as high-resolution as possible, in original aspect ratio & file type

Scene Clips: Case Studies

Individual clips are skillfully tightened to reduce overall time, upload fees and CD's impatience!

58 seconds

97 seconds

28 seconds

30 seconds

65 seconds

36 seconds

28 seconds

21 seconds

Coaching & "Pre-Directing" (scene prep for shoot or class)

Scene-study classes usually demand preparation with partner outside of class. THIS IS INSANE!   In real life, rehearsal is DIRECTED; partners cannot direct one another. We attend, observe & review ("pre-direct") scene essentials using concise, trusted guideposts. One-on-one coaching is available, providing a template for solid footing, precision & ease.

Audition taping, V.O.s, reading, editing, encoding & upload

Neutral background, natural lighting, establishment of camera eyelines, "beats" & structure. Chroma-key static or motion backgrounds optional. High-quality VOICE-OVER recording and editing also available. Observation: actors really need to be off-book more often. Sheesh.

Editing Reel

We work primarily (fastest) in Vegas but are proficient in DaVinci Resolve, Premiere, After-Effects and Mocha. Titling, transitions, basic FX, color grading, sound polish & sync. Output to any format from iPhone to 4K AVID.

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